Inflata-Booth: The Fun, Social & Classy Inflatable Photo Booth

New to the Irish market, our inflatable photo booth brings something different to your wedding or event. And its large size means you're not cramped into a small box and up to 5 adults can comfortably fit in the frame.

Inside the booth is our custom built photo pod & touch screen which guides your guests through capturing their photos, and once they're done their creations print off automatically in seconds as classic 2"x6" photo booth strips.

We customise the layout for each event so your guests can bring home memento from your big day. We provide all props, a luxury signing book, digital copies & the booth is fully attended

Included in all Inflata-Booth packages as standard are:

  • Open for 2 hours with unlimited sessions & prints
  • Large box of props, signs & classic stick props
  • Classic Photo Booth strips with 3 poses & custom graphics for your event
  • Up to 4 copies of each session (1 copy for signing book & up to 3 for guests)
  • Premium Signing book & metallic pens for your guests to leave a message
  • Digital Download of the original photos & creations for you.
  • Fully attended with experienced staff to help your guests
  • Travel to all venues in Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow
Just €450!
Or save €100 if booked with any of our Full Day Wedding Photography Packages

Inflata-Booth Extras:

  • Upgrade your print size to 6"x4" prints - €80
  • Extra Hour* with unlimited sessions/prints - €100
  • Bespoke crystal USB with digital copies - €60
*Extra hour not available if booked as part of a full day wedding package. If booked with a wedding package digital copies will be supplied on the wedding USB.


Requirements (Please read):

For the safety of you & your guests & to safely operate we require a space of at least 4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft) with no obstructions. The booth is 2.4m (8ft) high so a ceiling height of at least this is required with no incandescent bulbs nearby(old style bulbs, LED bulbs are fine). The booth needs to be installed against at least 1 solid wall with; a corner is preferred. We'd ask that no chairs, tables, furniture, band/dj equipment be placed within 1m of the booth while in operation so to provide easy access for guests. We'd also ask for your venue to provide at least 1 electrical socket within 5m of the space where the booth will be in operation. Remember that under no circumstances will we block any fire exit or throughway in the venue. It is your responsibility to communicate this to your venue & should they require a copy of our insurance please don't hesitate to ask. 

Learn More:

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